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Will Z06 hold on race track?

Want the opinion of people who have put their Z on a track. I had the opportunity to run a few laps at Charlotte Motor Speedway. I have an 09 Z with Michelin PS2 Pzero tires. I was wondering what my limit would be going into turns and holding? I ran 100 but wondered if the car would hold going faster? Straigtaways got to 142 on HUD, but I would touch breaks to slow down going into turn. Would it be better to have traction control engaged or off?
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Re: Will Z06 hold on race track?

I've tracked my Z. They are way more capable than you think. If you have good DOT track tires and race pads on your brakes then you will find your limit before the car finds its. I have never brought the car to its limit but I've ridden with a couple of guys that come close and they have huge balls that clank.

The best thing to do is; the next time you go to the track find someone with a similar year Z who is fast on the track and ask if you can do a ride along. Or have an instructor drive your car. They won't find the limits of the car but they will run it faster than you think. This will give you a better idea what our Z's are capable of.

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Re: Will Z06 hold on race track?

I assume you are talking about the 1.5 mile oval. You will be very surprised how well the car sticks, but make sure you are not on old, hard and cold tires. As was mentioned before, get an experienced driver to show you the line. It took me about 60 laps of instruction in a NASCAR Cup car to find the line and turn points. Touching the brakes will get you in trouble fast. It ain't as easy as Tony Stewart makes it look. Instruction is key.
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Re: Will Z06 hold on race track?

The wall. The wall is the limit.
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Re: Will Z06 hold on race track?

It will corner so hard you think the wheels will break off of the car :D

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Re: Will Z06 hold on race track?

Hi matey, I've tracked my car and taken part in a couple of sprints, (racing through cones). On my first ever attempt at a real race circuit I left a brand new M5 for dead so the car is VERY capable. I know I was not anywhere near the limit as I'm very cautious and not interested in risking putting the car in the gravel for the sake of getting out of a corner 2mph faster.

I would echo the advice to get some tuition in your car if you want to go faster, unless you're competing seriously - why not aim to have fun and gently nudge up the amount you attack by until you hit your comfort limit. I leave the competative mode on as I'm inexperienced at racing on circuits and it's a nice safety net to have. It still lets me slide around a bit and reels the car back in if you start to get a tankslapper on.
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Re: Will Z06 hold on race track?

It will handle a whole lot more speed than you may have nerve! I run my 09 Z every year at Talladega and I only roll out of the throttle just before the turns then accelerate as I'm going through turn 3 and 4. I start at 150 and on the front stretch I'm running 168. So the car is very capable the question is the driver? I use the Michelin PS2 Pzero tires also.
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Re: Will Z06 hold on race track?

I agree with comments above. In addition to upgrading brakes (rotors and pads and lines and using a high temp fluid) - you need to pay close attention to tire pressures. It has a huge effect on grip. I like Michelin Pilot Super Sports, and I use a very accurate digital gauge and a pyrometer to check the temps. That helps me to know whether the pressure is too high or low.

A 5 or 6 point harness also makes a huge difference because you become "one" with the car. Instead of holding on and spending energy bracing - you now focus solely on driving the car, and your "seat of the pants" feel is magnified because you are connected to the car in a way that a 3 point seat belt just can't deliver.

I've had my 09 Z06 at Mid-Ohio, Pocono, Watkins Glen, Road America and PittRace. I hope to add Road Atlanta and V.I.R. this year. They are amazing performance values and stick like crazy. I agree that most people will discover their personal limit before that of the car - but only if brakes are upgraded. The stock brakes don't hold up well for repeated track sessions. I've seen plenty of vettes go home early cause their stock brakes overheated.

I also agree that instruction is key. I've had many laps and hours with some great instructors, and any time I visit a new track (even though I'm solo status at several tracks and an instructor at my home track) I ALWAYS ask for an instructor - or an experienced driver to ride with me and show me the line and orient me to the track. It makes a big difference in my ability to enjoy the track and I learn it much quicker with orientation. I also watch videos before I go - that helps to shorten the learning curve (especially on longer, somewhat complex road courses).
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