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Re: HPDE Checklist

Originally Posted by DennyM View Post
Excellent move!
Can the Mod's make this a sticky in this sub-forum?
At Home:
Fresh oil and brake fluid (flushed within 30 days)
DOT4 recommended, but not essential for first event.
Brake pads should be 50% or better.

At The Track:
EXCEPT C6Z06: Add oil to equal 1 quart over full (=7.5 qts)

Stuff To Bring (Required):
Helmet (DOT may be acceptable; but check first. Best to have Snell 2000 or newer, SA rated rather than M rated)
Required forms, completed in advance, e.g., medical, pre-tech, helmet/harness release)

Stuff To Bring (Highly Recommended):
1 container of brake fluid
Brake bleeding equipment (tube/bottle, etc.)
Stuff To Bring (Optional):
Ground tarp
Rain tarp

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