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Re: spark plug recommendations !!

NGK TR55's are OK for street applications.

If you are going to track the car and want better reliability and performance switch to a Silver electrode plug. Silver has the best thermal and elecrical conductivity specs. Forget about Platinum, Iridium and Copper. and other mullti electrode gimmicks.

I recommend Nology Silver Racing Plugs, Part # G4YS or Brisk Silver Racing, Part # DR 17 YS. OR Beru Silverstones if you can find them (no longer made).

Note that the above NGK's, Nology's & Brisk need to be indexed for maximum performance.

The best racing sparkplug available is the Silver electrode Brisk LGS Premium Racing plug. This is used by Lamborghini and Ferrari. Part # DOR 17 LGS. This plug has a center Silver electrode and 4 recessed grounds. It does NOT need to be indexed. This plug offers the best 360* flame spread. I recommend this plug for maximum effort competition.

I recommend Magnecor KV85 Race Wires for non-Capacitive Discharge applications. These are the most reliable and low impedence wires available.

If you want to go with a higher performance CD wire I recommend Nology "Hot Wires". These must be grounded correctly. You may also want to consider installing Nology HD engine ground straps with this application.

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