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Re: spark plug recommendations !!

Originally Posted by DJWorm View Post
NGK TR55's are OK for street applications.

If you are going to track the car and want better reliability and performance switch to a Silver electrode plug. Silver has the best thermal and elecrical conductivity specs. Forget about Platinum, Iridium and Copper. and other mullti electrode gimmicks.

I recommend Nology Silver Racing Plugs, Part # G4YS or Brisk Silver Racing, Part # DR 17 YS. OR Beru Silverstones if you can find them (no longer made).

Note that the above NGK's, Nology's & Brisk need to be indexed for maximum performance.

The best racing sparkplug available is the Silver electrode Brisk LGS Premium Racing plug. This is used by Lamborghini and Ferrari. Part # DOR 17 LGS. This plug has a center Silver electrode and 4 recessed grounds. It does NOT need to be indexed. This plug offers the best 360* flame spread. I recommend this plug for maximum effort competition.

I recommend Magnecor KV85 Race Wires for non-Capacitive Discharge applications. These are the most reliable and low impedence wires available.

If you want to go with a higher performance CD wire I recommend Nology "Hot Wires". These must be grounded correctly. You may also want to consider installing Nology HD engine ground straps with this application.

DJ: When you index the plug, are you "aiming" the open gap at the exhaust valve?

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