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Will the 2001 Z06 become a classic/collector?

I have a 01 Z06 and may sell it soon (going overseas), but I have this little voice telling me to hang onto it.

Will the 2001 Z06 become a classic/collector? 10 years? 20 years? 30?

It was the first year of the "new more powerful model" of an American classic with a rabid fanbase... will that be enough to make it desirable in years to come?

I'm the 2nd owner, 42,000 miles, no problems/marks/scratches. I owe on it still, but I'm not hurting for money and it wouldn't really stretch my wallet to keep it. I just hate throwing a few hundred bucks each month toward it while I'm overseas not enjoying it (although I could pay it off in 2-3 months once over there). Also, does anyone know how many 2001 Z06's were made?

Does anyone have an opinion/thought on it?? I'm only 24, so I could potentially hold onto this car for decades to come.

On a side note, my dad had a beautiful 1964 Vette that only had 21,000 miles on it that he let go after he got out of the service in like 1969-1970ish, and he always cries about being so dumb letting it go... I DONT WANT TO END UP LIKE HIM!! hahaha
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