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Re: Will the 2001 Z06 become a classic/collector?

Unfortunately, I don't think any modern Corvette will ever see the rise in value that the mid-years experienced last decade. Here's why...

Most collectors end up doing the maintenance and/or restoration work themselves. It's a labor of love. Unfortunately, what you have to realize is that modern cars have complex electrical/computer systems that are glitchy and expensive even today.

Imagine how expensive it'll be in 20 or 30 years to repair or replace something like the Vette's cpu, assuming you can find one at all. Also, today you need diagnostic equipment, specialized tools, and a much higher level of skill to maintain the newer ones.

Conversely, cars from the 60's and 70's were primarily mechanical, with very simple electrical systems. The average shade tree mechanic could work on them with basic tools. Parts are still available, but then again, you have to remember that most aren't very complex or expensive to remanufacture.

I think the more complex cars become, the less they'll be worth fixing in the future, and therefore, the less they will be worth to collectors.

My advice is to keep the car if you enjoy driving it. Keep it if you enjoy waxing it. But don't keep it just because you consider it an investment. I think you'll be very disappointed in 20 years just like the C4 ZR-1 guys are now.

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