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Re: Will the 2001 Z06 become a classic/collector?

Originally Posted by maineyak_2000 View Post
Good Call Jake - Cars have always been a poor "investment" Bless your heart if you are havin a love affair with a garage queen. Just drive'em & love'em.

Electronic Parts - availability could go either way,when you consider the total number of C5 coupes & Z's made there is a good chance these "boxes" original or revised will be available.

Cult Cars - Every car has a group of die hard fans and the 01 Z is no different. I drove/rode a used TR 01 in 04 & I gotta tell ya it was damned impressive. Same for the forerunner 99 & 00 FRC. Every owner I have met is totally in love with their FRC
The poor investment comment is right on! I love cars, but if I would have put all that money that I have spent on cars in the stock market, I would be able to retire by the age of 50. But, you can't put a price on the fun factor of owning a performance ride. I just feel sorry for the guy who bought & modded the Z that I just stole from him for a fraction of the cost. Total investment with parts & labor had to be over $60,000 since he bought it new & it has every mod you can think of. I paid $21,000 with only 35,000 miles on the clock. The thing is mint. For once I came out ahead. Usually I'm the guy on the other end . I know that our cars will probably never go up in value like the classics of yesterday, but that is ok with me. I'm just going to drive (occasionally race) mine with a huge smile on my face. I love my vette!
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