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Re: Will the 2001 Z06 become a classic/collector?

I have a 2003 Electron Blue Z06 and consider it special because it came with 50th anniversary badges on it, I ordered it new, have all the papers and it is my first and only Vette. But they made 1200 of them. My son is 2 1/2. When HE is 45 years old and there's only 100 left maybe it'll be worth more. Heck in 50 years internal combustion cars might be illegal. Anyway, most guys that pay a bunch of money for a "classic" are fulfilling the dream of owning something they saw as a child and are now willing and able to pay for it. These other crazy guys are buying bragging rights to owning something none of the other rich guys can get. Why else would anyone pay $7.2 million for a 1904 Benz!!?? Just enjoy you vette, garage queens are a real waste.

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