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true spare tire alternative for C5 Z06

I posted this question on the other forum, but so far, no solid response. This is a more specific forum and I hope someone cruising the "tires section" can help:

I found an OEM spare tire kit for 2010-2012 Camaros. Small steel rim with a 155x70-18" tire.

I used a tire conversion chart to compare the spare tire's diameter with the front and rear tires on my 2003 Z06.

The diameter of the spare is 26.6". The front OEM (265x40-17) diameter is 25.4", and the rear OEM (295x35-18) diameter is 26.1".

Can I use the Camaro spare at the front AND rear of the Corvette if I use the correct offset spacer for each application? I think the front dimensions are almost irrelevant because the front wheels are independent; and the rear dimensions are only lacking half an inch (.5")... isn't that close enough to run on the same axle ? Does that make sense?

Can someone tell me what the offset should be for the front and back, or point me in the right direction so I can research for the answer?

It'd be worth it to me to pay for the spare. I do a lot of cross-country driving, and West Texas is pretty desolate. A run flat wouldn't have helped me with my last blow-out... the RR tire got skewered with a 5" bolt. Fortunately, I was in a car with a spare tire.

Thank you.

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