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Re: Just wondering

What mods have been done and what method is being used to determine its too rich? The factory tune will be richer than ideal at wot but should be spot on during closed loop cruising; changing to E10 from E0 gas isn't going to fix that situation as the car was factory tuned with tolerances to run either type of gas. If its running rich its most likely because something has been altered hardware wise or is missing/failed. If the car has been modified then getting it tuned for the hardware changes is the answer. A common modification that will cause a car to run richer at wot than normal is changing the free flowing air filter setup. The ecu compensates for it during closed loop cruising but then adds that compensation during wot which typically leads to overly rich condition. The fix is to have it properly tuned so the ecu understands the maf model among other things.
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