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Re: Just wondering

The car has only 1 mod. a CA intake. I also put in chevy dealer shop and had tune checked and updated to make sure it was stock tune.After cleaning MAF, Checked found and fixed air leak in CA intake,new plugs & wires and after sitting a few days started and ran very rough for about 20-30 sec. then ran great. I cleaned MAF again only this time I didn't care if I messed it up so I soaked it good inside and out with MAF cleaner but didn't have time to let it set before going to dealer. Dealer said after 3 days started and ran smooth. He ran his diagnostics on car and found nothing out of range.Following JR's advice I am now running Shell 93 oct. E10 gas with sea foam ( just started only about 50 mi. so far ) and cleaned air filter really good. So starting trbl. seams to be OK but still running rich by my scanner. Will post what happens after driving awhile.
buy the way corvette guy at Dealer said all is within normal operating range and I may be trying to fix something that is not broke
Thanks for taking time to read and your advice Steve
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