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Re: Newbie to tuning looking for advice. Starting.

Mail order tune or dyno tune?
I am looking for advice either way on which I should do. My car has had two changes made. I have added a Corsa axle back exhaust system and a Halltech MF103 with Beehive. The car runs fine no light s no problems etc. Now do I make the last changes or leave well enough alone?
I have contacted two shops where I live and inquired about a dyno tune. Both gave me the same canned answer that they have an experience GM tech and that they could do a dyno tune blah blah blah. Neither shop made me think this is where I need to do. the one shop has been around for quite sometime and the owner used to run a very reputable (mostly BMW and Porsche) independent shop that I think I can trust but don't know enough about their GM tuning capabilities.
The other option is to go with a mail order tune. One of the tuners I have contacted states that he will have me load the tune drive the car get the data logs send them to him, he'll tweak that info send it back for me to load back into the car do that process again resend the logs do a final tweak and should be good to go. Checked his Facebook page and his webpage seems to do a lot of GM trucks some Camaro's a few Vettes but not much on the LS7 in particular. So do any of you out there have any advice one way or the other? I've been trying to do as much research on this a s I can on my own but if I can get any first hand knowledge I'll certainly take it

13 Z06 Blk/Blk Halltech mf103 Corsa sport axle back exhaust custom tune by Team ZR1 533rwhp 463rwtq 48lb/hr injectors
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