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Re: Newbie to tuning looking for advice. Starting.

You may not like my reply but dyno tunes most cases are useless as tits on a bull

If the shop uses a static dyno drum, which weighs less then ccar and you in it then results are skewed the wrong way
Static drum cannot allow the car to be driven under all normal street driving conditions, it ONLY allows for WOT and then jump off gas pedal

Only other type of chassis dyno is a load bearing design where it adds load to rear wheels to look like on the street
It also allows the car to be driven just as on the street
Being this would take longer amount of labor to do, normally shops up the costs.
Problem with them is if not properly calibrated ( best it is done for each vehicle) for total weight, weather including elevation, temp and dew point,
then results will be wrong.

Your car is used in real world on streets or tracks, not on some chassis dyno.

Mail in, most times that means a "cookie cutter" blind tune where tuner frankly may have to guess on all tuning variables and cost you shipping fees of multi times sending PCM roundtrip. (about maybe $30-40 each round trip)

Add the down time from time you yank PCM out (buried inside lower front right fender well), to round trip to tuner and back leaving the car non driveable each time PCM is sent out

LS7 not having any cylinders walls, if crap tuned most likely they crank the timing up too much and you end up with a rod through the block or bend valves.

If you like what I posted and want a third way of getting a good safe tune, not leave home or yanking PCM out/in, PM me
or if your not too far from Wichita Kansas there is a shop there I know that has been doing good Corvette tunes for around 15 years.

Mike M - 2001 / 2008 Z06s
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