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Need help with mystery compression readings

I have a 2003 Z06, 140k miles with no previous issues. While moderately driving I suddenly lost significant power, feeling like I lost at least two cylinders. I limped 5 more mile to home.
No unusual noises excepts what sounded like compression bursts from passenger side somewhere. Fuel check good, spark good, plugs good. It got interesting with compression check.
#1, 2. 4 and 8 only had 25-35psi and the rest had non. on second round little to no compression on any. On third round #1,2,4 and 8 again had very low reading. Timing chain has considerable slack but no jump and marks are fairly aligned. Crank feels really hard to turn by hand at points, enough that I was forced to bump the starter to continue. Any opinions where to look next? Would excessive slack in the timing chain cause timing to be off that bad?
Can anyone tell me just how much slack or deflection in the timing chain can be tolerated before potential damage to valves or pistons?

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