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No clock after battery removal (GPS signal slow to acquire)

This weekend I pulled the battery out of my 2009 and when I reinstalled it I am no longer receiving a GPS system on my Navigation (factory Nav radio). I also can't set the clock on the radio because of the lack of a GPS signal. Everything else works fine. I read on the internet that the military made a change to their satellites in Dec of last year that affected C6 radios made in 2010 and before (and require a firmware update which GM has not made), but I can't confirm any of that. Has anyone experienced something similar or heard about this issue?
I do get a GPS signal but it takes about 15 minutes driving on the freeway, but this I got a signal before I got out of the driveway. Even thought I can eventually get a GPS signal I still can't set the clock because apparently the Nav radio can't read the GPS clock signal. GM knows about this (as it affects many other models of GM cars besides the Corvette) and put out a service bulletin PIT5652. As of today, GM has no solution for this problem, assuming they are actually working on the issue.

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