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Re: Adding ZR-1 style front splitter

Originally Posted by CTYANK2 View Post
First, if you are not going to be driving over 100mph you don't need the factory support behind the bumper. I drove my 2006 Z for almost 6 years with an aftermarket front splitter. I had a few track days and short bursts up to 130 with no support behind the bumper. No issues.

For my 2011 Z I did have the front bumper support installed by a local Corvette shop for a couple of hundred dollars. The install of the front splitter is easy to do yourself.

In my opinion there isn't any material difference between aftermarket ZR1 splitters and the factory one.

I would not waste your money on a carbon fiber front splitter. I've damaged a few splitters over the years from various highway junk, steep driveways, curbs, etc. Unless you just drive to car shows you will probably get some damage. The composite splitters are easy to fix and cheap to replace. I recommend flat black paint which is very forgiving and easy to repaint.
The after market is an option but I have not been able to find one the looks like the factory unit or can withstand speeds in excess of 140 mph. The factory assembled parts are retail ~$2,400.00 not including labor which I don't think I have the skill to do this myself. If any of you out there have found a good solution to this want of mine please let me know.
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