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Michelin Problem

I needed tires for the front of my 2016 Z06, and decided to go with the stock Michelin Pilot Super Sports. I bought the tires and took them in to be mounted and balanced. After 90 minutes of trying to seat the bead, they told me they couldn't get the bead to seat. The guy was nice enough to suggest another shop more familiar with performance tires. I went there and had the same problem. The owner told me he had seen this before with these tires, and though not frequent some of the tires seemed to be a little out of spec. The seller told me he had never heard of such a problem and told me that if I would drive them to his installer they would get it done. His installer worked the tires for two and a half hours before giving up.

I've got a new set of tires being shipped Monday so I'll see if they're better. I was told by one of the installers that Michelin is aware of the problem but will not acknowledge it as it is infrequent.

More to follow.
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