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Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

Hi guys

I'm about to buy a carbon fiber hood from Carbon creation (ebay), i gonna pay $1100 Do you guys know if the installation is easy? or i just gonna waste my money? I really like the looks....

Thank you
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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

What benefit do you think you'll get with this hood? Lighter weight? Sure, it'll be lighter, but so would lexan windows all around.

Is it worth $1100 to you? Does it look "$1100 better" than what you've got now?

It's easy to install a hood. Getting it lined up perfectly takes some time tho.

Unless you've got clearance issues, I'd save that $1100 and buy some stock...

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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

I didnt realize that the carbon fiber hoods were that expensive. They do look nice though.
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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

Originally Posted by namahs View Post
I didnt realize that the carbon fiber hoods were that expensive. They do look nice though.
Go buy the real one from GM. $2400.00.

That's a stretch for most but it fits.
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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

I really like the one on ebay.... but i'm not sure if it's gonna fit....
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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

If you are buying it purely for the looks, my recommendation is to get one made from "Black Glass".... for less than HALF the price of carbon. It's made from Polyurethane Resin, ((or Vinylester if you prefer)).... is just as good as Carbon, but does NOT have to be autoclaved (( baked under pressure)) like Carbon, therefore is less manufacturing time. ANd you cannot tell the difference. It's that good.
SO, before you blow a lot of money on something from a vendor that has not yet proven it's reliability, ((especially fitment issues))..... think about it.
(( by the way, did you check to see that it actually has an INNER HOOD LINER with the proper STEEL THREADED INSERTS for hinge attachment AND/OR latches??? Some do.. some do not. Be careful. ))
Secondary to "FITMENT" and correct attaching points... you need to check and find out of the resin they used was AMBER (( which MOST epoxy resins are when dealing with Carbon Fiber as a fabricating material)) or CLEAR Epoxy. ((different from clear gelcoat....much different))
The point is, the AMBER resin will continue to get darker with age and heat cycles from the ENGINE BAY/ EXHAUST MANIFOLD....not just the sushine and environment. By the time the "COLOR" becomes an issue, the warranty and return policy window is far closed, and you're STUCK with a very expensive hood that is turning darker brown/yellow as the weeks progress. (( the darker it gets, the faster it absorbs more UV light, and expedites the discoloration process)).
Take it from a Corvette fabricator that does a LOT of Carbon work... ((kevlar, graphite, and all the exotic composites)). It pay s to do your homework. Like most everything else coming from CHINA.. they have a tendancy to circumvent the regs, make things as cheaply as possible, ((hence they don't put the UV protection in because it costs more to fabricate, and cuts into profit margins)) infringe on copyrights and design, and take your hard earned cash and RUN with it. Good luck.. And make sure they honor their return policy, iF they have one on those parts.
A quick GOOGLE on "Carbon Creations Hoods" brings up a LOT Of questions about fitment, and the other concerns you have. Check them out. You may save yourself some heart ache.

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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

I read somewhere that only GM uses special $60,000 per gallon stuff to protect their carbon fiber parts. This keeps the parts lighter in weight because less primer and paint is required than other manufacturers who have to use extra paint.
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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

The $60,000 per gallon is actually per 50 gallon drum... although that number seems to be inflated. I know some of the stuff I work with is upwards of $500 a PINT, which is why most guys are now using Pre-Preg when it comes to Carbon Fiber. It's Pre-impregnated with the correct amount of resin, so there is very little waste when you pull vacuum and squeeze out air and excess resin through the perforation layers.
The stuff you are referring to that GM uses, is a high strength epoxy resin, similar to that used in Hot Tub fabrication. The mold is sprayed with the clear resin first, the "Pre-Preg" carbon is then layed into the mold and rubbed out by hand, then the vacuum bagging materials are put into it, covered with plastic, taped with double sided tape to the mold flanges, and sucked down under a vacuum pump till it's pulled out all the air. That way there are no bubbles. The entire thing is then put into an "AUTOCLAVE".... high pressure, high temperature oven that cooks it till it's cured. The High Cost RESIN is a specially compounded chemical construction specifically for Carbon Fiber fabrication, perfected by the Aero Space industry building YF22 Raptors etc. GM had to get it from those sources as it was unavail on the commercial market. The initial Carbon Fiber ((hoods and roll bar/C pillars)) on the Vettes, especially ZR1 first generations, were constantly having problems turning yellow, and de-laminating. That got fixed. but the price was way more than they expected. Nothing like selling someone a $100K car, and have it turn ugly, or come apart. The lesson learned was not to use Carbon FIber as a cosmetic gimmick. Black glass works even better with less hassle, and much less expensive.

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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

I have a carbon fiber hood on mine from LG..fits perfect, and as someone stated already, installing is not hard at all. Couple 10mm bolts is all it is..adjusting will take some patience
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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

Running CF hoods from Advanced Composite Products in Harrisburg on both
my C5 and C6 Z. Track both cars, and the hoods reduced temps, were a lot lighter, and reduces front end lift. They were both tested in the GM wind tunnel.
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Re: Z06 2008 Carbon Fiber Hood

I have or have had several items from Carbon Creations. If you shop around you'll find that their products are much cheaper (less cost) than other similar products, which is generally a good thing. The problem is that their products are much crappier than other similar products (which is why they're so cheap).

If you decide on a new hood, don't make your decision based solely on price. If you are planning to do a really good job prepping it and then painting it, it might be worth the low initial cost. Otherwise, if you are set on getting a hood I would go with one of the more quality items from ACP or Blackdog racing. The higher quality hoods are not cheap! They are about double or more compared to what Carbon Creations charges.

Its up to you.

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