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  1. C6 locks its self-----Mystery ??

    C6 Z06 - Pit Road
    This photo is direct from a AAA lockout manual. Yes,you can open a C6 by air jacking (prying)the rear hatch.But this method is not recomended due to possibility of damage. Prying drivers and or passenger door windows can result in damage as well. I am 99% sure if you tow to dealer,dealer will...
  2. Radar Detectors

    The Garage (non Vette related)
    Escort 9500ix is my choice,with a Blendmount radar detector mount and a MirrorTap power cord. In addition a LaserInterceptor laser jammer. Some great information can be found at and
  3. Cabin Air Filter...

    C6 Z06 - Pit Road
    GM part # 15848592 You might find this helpful too:
  4. Will they warranty this tire?

    C6 Z06 - Pit Road
    Good on ya Storm!:drunken:
  5. C6 locks its self-----Mystery ??

    C6 Z06 - Pit Road
    No SlimJim. AAA lockout manual says 'Tow to dealer. No safe entry method'.And they, the dealer, must break a window. Several new vehicles are manufactured this way. The problem is with the electronic entry, there is no mechanism in the door to manipulate. I was thinkin a locksmith would have...
  6. Comp Gray, Grand Sport wheels on BLK ZO6

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    Looks great.Where did you get the white front fender marker lights?
  7. C6 locks its self-----Mystery ??

    C6 Z06 - Pit Road
    Very curious, how did the locksmith gain entry?
  8. ZR1 vs Tornado

    C6 - ZR1
    My condolences.
  9. Time to earn some respect for the C6Z.

    Introduce yourself
    Welcome aboard.My friend has an 08 Shelby.Fun car to drive,but no comparison to the Z. :z:
  10. Newbie alert

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    Welcome aboard. :drunken: Sorry to here about the wreck. Good luck rebuilding her. :z:
  11. Army guy gets his dream car..

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    Nice ride.You sure are lucky living that close to 'Heaven' Bowling Green.
  12. New to support group......

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    It must be somethin in the water. :drunken:
  13. Taking delivery of this lil Vette tomorrow..

    General Corvette Discussion
    Very nice,congrats.
  14. Kentucky Z06

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    Great story.Makes me want to buy another Z06. :cheers:
  15. Pics - New Paint

    C5 Z06 - Grandstand
    Very nice. What color are the stripes:coo: