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  • banph ·
    Is it possible that you could send me your step by step write up on how you removed your headlight assemblies with out removing the front bumper? I have a 2008 Z06 that I want to have the inner buckets done in Carbon Fiber. Would be very
    appreciative of the process. Also, when you removed the lens cover, what sealant did you use to reinstall?

    ric_cfs ·
    Carbon fiber parts,
    Hello i have been doing carbon fiber for the parts 12 years as mostly a hobby, but i am looking a pulling the trigger and truing my hobby and experience into a business. I would be willing to do a carbon fiber vent for free if you are willing to send me your stock one so i cam make a mold.
    Let me know what you thing i can send you pics of my work if you like.
    i have a wed site but i do onto know if i can post it due to spamming.
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