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  • keduhanh0t ·
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    keduhanh0t ·
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    keduhanh0t ·
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    danchoi123 ·
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    RubiconMike ·

    You said you had a quick way to replace the air check valve, and to email you if I wanted more information. I'm getting error 1416, so I figured I'd replace the air valves. Thanks in advance for any advice you have.

    mikefeeser ·
    Glenn - (Sorry never noticed your reply in the PM) No, I don't post often - kind of quiet and stay in the background. Always enjoy your posts. I am retired USAF with two Vettes, a Mitata and a '73 BMW CS that I have owned and enjoyed since 1982 (Picked it up when I was stationed in Italy).

    Being you are/were active duty it seemed odd that you just dropped off - would love to hear from you and how you are doing. Still have the Z06? Still stationed in AZ?

    I am retired here in PA (near Gettysburg) work as a DBA at the local hospital and am seriously thinking of just retiring, and pursue my hobby with cars and photography (yes, Photoshop and Lightroom - both).

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