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  • I CORNER ·
    I give credit to the service rep for being honest that the failure was due to "improper hardening of the lifter roller". Although I appreciate his honesty, it does make me angry that clear defects like this are not covered by GM, whether slightly out of warranty time-period or not. This is an instance where a warranty is not just "insurance" policy, but where ownership of their manufacture applies. In the nuclear power plant industry, we call defects that are discovered after manufacture, a Nuclear Regulatory Commission "Part 21" issue, which requires reporting the defect to anyone in the industry who has the same part, when it is has been discovered to be defective. When GM discovers something very significant like this, which will lead to premature engine failure, they should have reported it.

    DucZ06 ·
    Hey, I just thought that I would let you know that I feel your pain. I lost an engine to a broken valve spring. The engine was still under warranty, and GM voided my warranty in the process. Luckily we were able to resolve our differences "to the mutual satisfaction of the parties" and the engine got paid for. So I sent it to Lingenfelter for a repair, I did not want to pay GM to do it. What did they tell you what the cause of your failure was? Just curious.

    Yes, we love the GTR, it is an an amazing car, but lacks the soul that the Corvette has. Keep us posted on how things end up with your car.

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