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  1. 2008 - C6 Z06 - 1LZ pkg - 2,2xx miles for sale

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    pm sent
  2. All black!!!

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    Wow!, that's a lot of black.
  3. Completed first mods today!

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    What happened to your wheels? With all that black it looks like your wheels get lost in the car.
  4. Weight of stock C6Z rims???

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    I had no idea the tires weighed that much, that's a lot!
  5. The Eagle (well, actually the Z06) Has Landed!

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    If you don't mind sharing, what type of pricing did they offer? Also, what is the going rate for enclosed car transport cross country?
  6. Do you think ZO6 values will hold or go up?

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    Holly cow! What auction is that a wholesale auction? That's cheap!
  7. New emblems and lowered!

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    Can you explain the lowering bolts? How much can you lower F & R, and how does it affect ride quality?
  8. Any of you use the Z06 as a daily driver?

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    I'm curious if anybody does...
  9. Do you think ZO6 values will hold or go up?

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    They will make too many, so I doubt it. If your thinking of a repeat performance of the muscle car era and the values those cars are bringing these days, IMO I don't think it will happen.
  10. Mods opinions please

    C6 Z06 - Pit Road
    So their normal headers wouldn't work well with a cam then?