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  • keduhanh0t ·
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    keduhanh0t ·
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    gakeanh ·
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    cappy2929 ·
    Can you check made payment to paypal to upgrade membership but never received any confirmation...see below

    Name:, Inc. (The recipient of this subscription is Non-U.S. - Verified)
    Email: [email protected]
    Subscription Date: May 13, 2012
    Time: 08:58:47 PDT
    Status: Active
    Next Payment Date: May 13, 2013
    Amount: $24.99 USD
    Subscription Terms: $24.99 USD for each year
    Business Contact Information
    Email: [email protected]
    Phone: 416-341-8950
    Item Name: - Corvette Z06 Forum Premium Membership Subscription
    Item Number: 0b0816f0194acfd10d753a023646b659
    NavyPhrog ·
    Where did you get your Vette painted? How long did it take? Are you happy with the quality of paint job? And, if you dont mind me asking, what did it cost you? My QSZ06 is about due, so sometime in the next year of so I am thinking I need to get her painted...probably satin black with a gloss black strip down the middle from nose to tail.

    Any tips of guidance you may have is certainly appreciated!

    mdickie ·
    Please ignore my previous post, read the thread in the wrong order, sorry.

    Drags will be Friday morning. As far as a caravan goes, best thing to do is post something in either the Fest forum or in the Southeast forum asking who might be coming through that you can hook up with.
    vettecrzy ·
    Hi, I had a few quick questions about the fest, I plan on going for sure, was there 2 yrs ago, did the trip to MM, NCM, BBQ etc. I would like to know is there a caravan coming N, I live above Knoxville TN and would like to join, plan on going over Wed. Is the Drags on Sat or Fri, one post described it as being on Sat, if so I would like to do the LT1 Rough River Rd Tour and what can u tell me about that, is it a caravan to the lake etc.
    Gary ( vettecrzy)
    mdickie ·
    All of the information on the Fest can be found here:

    National Corvette Museum - 2007 Z06 Fest

    As for caravan information, the best I can suggest is to post a thread in the appropriate Event section for the part of the country you will be coming from, asking about caravan plans to the Fest. Usually you will get a group of folks to respond with their travel ideas.

    vettecrzy ·
    Hi again, what I need to know is what are the events going on this yr for the fest and costs, plus info about the caravan to BG. I know I will be there just like to do little planning or is it to early.
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