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    mikefeeser ·
    Battery Problem:
    Having an electrical issue - 2001 Z06, about 62,000 miles. Went out this morning to start the car - removed Battery Tender that has been connected for about 6 days. Battery Tender had a green light when I disconnected it. Went to start the car and got: click - click - click etc. (I am sure you all know that song).

    I installed a new Die-Hard battery in Nov 2008, car had about 48,000 miles at that time.

    For a comparison - Also have a 2004 Vette Coupe, it still has the original battery (and it is usually on a Battery Tender also). Never seem to have a problem with that - it has about 35,000.

    Why did the Battery Tender have a green light but the car will not start? Is this battery dead? Any ideas?


    Mike Feeser
    mikefeeser ·
    My Oil Pressure Sensor has failed - I realize I could go for some time without it - but want to get it fixed - can somebody give me a ball park figure as to the cost of the Oil Pressure sender unit.


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