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  • shimaas ·
    سایت توریسم
    جاذبه های توریستی قشم
    گردشگری گرجستان
    بیوگرافی و زندگینامه
    بیوگرافی مرکل
    زندگینامه ابن سینا >:):wink2:
    ماری کوری
    بیوگرافی پیکاسو
    بیوگرافی موگرینی
    زندگینامه عطار
    niloofar ·
    وبلاگ تون بلاگ
    وبلاگ توریسم
    لوازم پرینتر
    آموزشگاه تعمیرات
    وبلاگ شعر و شاعری
    سازه های متحرک :laugh:
    jub jub ·
    Hey Mike, can you reset my password. I got a new computer at the house and I can't log on since we changed passwords.

    Rob1Vet ·
    Hey Mike...How's everything with you ? Am I blocked from seeing posts for car sales and parts sales ?

    Don ·
    MikesZ06.....after a long, snowy, cold New England Winter, could not find the link to enter a Member For Sale for my 2002 Z06....thanks
    MSBZ06 ·
    Hello, I've tried to add a signature to my profile. The last time I exceeded the allowable size. Would you be able to check to see if the current signature is within the allowable size? Thanks, Marv
    zteve06 ·
    thanks for the b-day shoutout mike, I was out of town for the weekend but got the notice on my blackberry-thanks again
    zteve06 ·
    hey mike, sorry to bug you again--I'd like to add a list of mods to the bottom of my posts as I have seen with so many here, and id like to add z06fest 2010 to my avatar, I'm also waiting for my lifetime membership badge--thanks for your efforts-steveg
    zteve06 ·
    Hello again, thanks for the support...I wonder if we cant do something about all these potshots being taken at the brand by people who don't own z06's. We can have "non-owner mbrships", and this would be clearly stated on the name. If the site req. "owner-mbrships" to supply a VIN, matching a database of z06 VIN's, we could limit the damage done by "non-owners". I would gladly submit my VIN here to achieve that end. People could use another VIN, ie-a car in a parking lot, but how often does one see Z06's? The VIN reg. on the site could do a lot to stim. z06 owners to come here and reg., if for no other reason than to prevent someone else from using their VIN., limiting the amount of bs posts by those actually critisizing the brand. Thanks again. SteveG.
    zteve06 ·
    Hello, sir, just wanted to point out that I upgraded my membership to lifetime (hopefully I live more than 25 more years), and I look forward to seeing the blue badge by my name on posts, how long might that take? thanks steveG
    zteve06 ·
    Ahh...thanks Mike, I've taken the plunge and registered for my first hpde , TxWorldSpeedway on my birthday, Apr 26, and I wanted to go through the Hpde files, and by the way, any advice on the hpde's in general? Thanks again, Steve G.
    zteve06 ·
    Hey Mike, how's tricks? I hope you and yours are well. Just wondering here about the site, I seem to remember when I first joined, there were pages and pages of each forum, such as c5z06 pit road, now I only see one page, did the site downsize? or do I need to be a subscriber to see everything? Also, I saw you post a response referring someone to another thread, can I do that? or is that an admin/ mod thing? Thanks for all you do here. zteve06
    RilesZ06 ·
    Mike, Thanks in advance for your time. For several years I have read threads in here and I have decided I put a lot of stock in your informed opinions. So I am asking for one. I am considering an A&A supercharger at 4.5-5 and a clutch upgrade. I do NOT want to hurt the car, I love the car. Do you think it's safe?
    zteve06 ·
    Sup Huckleberry, Steve G here, couple things, first thanks for your positive response to my bedtime story (took me a couple hours-totally true), I'd also like to request that we get a clear shot of a c5z06 rear view, like the c7z, on the banner? And the mallet guy--I just wanted to make sure he new something could be up with that car, if its a real mallet then the owner could have gotten a lot more for it running-even had people bidding at mecum or ebay-who kknows-so the guy either "ripped off" a widow, as he claims, or he got ripped off b/c its not a real mallet-either way I just wanted to bring attention to that, I wouldn't want him to sell it through here, and it not be addressed-thanks for all you do here
    steve g--zteve06
    RilesZ06 ·
    Well I'm new here cause a 06 divorce set back my Z purchase, but I recently bought a 2008 Z with 4200 miles on it. Worth the wait! I read pages and pages of the thread about superchargers for this car and it has been a couple years since they were posted. What is your opinion of that addition? fyi..I am not looking for ridiculous hp #s or to hurt the car. You seemed to be hands down the guy to ask in here, I look forward to hearing from you. TY
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