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  • behnam ·
    ساخت وبلاگ رایگان
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    danchoi123 ·
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    danchoi123 ·
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    danchoi123 ·
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    hoc ke toan tai quan 3
    mjustmike ·
    Hey there Doug,
    How the heck are you???
    I missed last year's Fest too....was hit with HS tuition so my wife's daughter could go to St. Mary's in Annapolis and just couldn't swing it. Trying to find time to finish the Camaro, exterior is 100%, now it's fun time with the dash/ guage wiring and then putting the interior in. I don't have your email to send pictures but hopefully we'll both be making the 2011 Fest!!
    Hope all is good. Keep in touch.
    Big Kid ·
    Hey Mike, how's it going? I haven't talked to ya since the 2008 Z06 Fest. Hope all is well with you and your family.

    I'm not going to make it to the 2010 Z06 Fest......maybe 2011. We'll see.

    Take care,
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