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  1. Gauge Cluster in Dashboard

    C5 Z06 - Pit Road
    not sure what you mean as lights out if this is during daylight ? but have you turned the dimmer light switch ?
  2. C5Z07 on 19/20 MPSC2 in 65*

    C5 Z06 - Grandstand
    It is a tuning tool that works off a laptop and can work with many different GM vehicles Comes with software, cables and hardware interface that connects between the laptop and the port under the dash
  3. C5Z07 on 19/20 MPSC2 in 65*

    C5 Z06 - Grandstand
    Sorry I do not know anything about other products JET may have as I bought my PCM/TCM tuning tool when Tunercat still owned the tuner tool.
  4. C5Z07 on 19/20 MPSC2 in 65*

    C5 Z06 - Grandstand
    Yes wheel, tire and rear end gear changes need to be changed within the tune to align the proper speedo, ABS, TC and torque management
  5. SRS air bag not on light

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    Your Ease on your laptop is a full GM enhanced OBD-II scanner You also should have then the Ease hardware interface that plugs into the diag port under dash and then to the laptop Via Ease connect to the airbag controller and from that you can watch the airbag parameters and any of the error...
  6. SRS air bag not on light

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    What OBD-II scanner do you use as some have more ability then others ?
  7. New guy from ct.

    Introduce yourself
    Never heard of a auto blip module I suspect it is the problem and if does not go away I'd disconnect it and see if the high idle goes away
  8. New guys from Ohio

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    Any DTCs should be written down before deleting them as many of these are only triggered after X amount of drive cycles Should see what the code means and if it was just one O2 or across all 4 of them After replacing both front O2s is then using OBD-II scanner that does on-board smog tests to...
  9. New guys from Ohio

    Introduce yourself
    If your 2001 Z06 had the bad lot of valve springs they would have broke or replaced a long time ago so I would not be worrying about them at this time and rather do all the other maintenance in replacing fluids on tranny, rear end, flush brake and clutch fluids and power steering fluid...
  10. TPMS replacement

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    If you check like Amazon you can find AcDelco and other brands for like $30 each so far less then $200 ACDelco TPMS171K Professional Tire Pressure Monitoring System Sensor Weather temps/seasons can hinder how long the batteries can last. I'd say change them now as in replacing tires the...
  11. 2003 ABS Module Brake Fault

    Wheels, Tires, and Brakes
    In most cases the failure of the ETBCM is a $2 relay that you an buy and repair yourself or find someone who can do a simple solder job in replacing the relay in the ETBCM Read :
  12. Reliability

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    With the mods you have you will need to find out before buying if it will pass the smog tests for your area the Long tube headers alone are smog illegal and worse many times lousy shops who install the headers con owners to remove the CATs and rear O2 sensors You can bet that the PCM...
  13. Windows lose index and slow hot start

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    Being you replaced the starter for a problem and then still had problems leads to real issue and I agree heat changes resistance including to a cell in battery With engine heat soaked, if a battery charger hooked up, does problem not occur ? Being problem with clock, I would think would be...
  14. Musty A/C smell on start up

    C6 Z06 - Pit Road
    Under the floor hatch on passenger side take a look and see if all is dry there If no signs of water stains then best bet it was the filter No sure why people with C6s never change that cabin filter at all or rarely do
  15. Windows lose index and slow hot start

    C6 Z06 - Grandstand
    It would help if you mention what year and model A battery may have the voltage but cannot handle current loads so first thing is load test the battery to see if there is not a bad/weak cell. If your NOT using a battery tender and car sits then battery over time will lose 1 or more cells...