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  1. Tuning a Procharged Z06

    C6 Z06 - Forced Induction & Nitrous
    You definitely need a legit tuner to go through the entire calibration. careful with "dyno tuning shops". More than 50% of my business is fixing tunes from these places. Its a shame. -John Roastin Performance LLC
  2. Can the REV limiter on a 2009 C6-Z06 be set to 6500 instead of the factory 7000?

    C6 Z06 - Tuning & Electronics
    Very simple and fast to do with a hardware/software suite like HPTuners or EFI Live.
  3. Going E85

    C6 Z06 - Tuning & Electronics
    You will consume about 35% more fuel from a stoichiometric AFR standpoint but you can increase the brake thermal efficiency running e85 and gain some of that back with a GOOD tune. Figure about 25-30% more fuel consumption. You need to simply pin the factory PCM and run a single wire to it from...
  4. Question for those with FAST102 intakes and/or Nick Williams TB

    C6 Z06 - Tuning & Electronics
    Yes the tune will have to change substantially. You will have major idling and part throttle issues from the throttle body and the tune will generally run lean everywhere from both items. Those throttle bodies are a pain to tune. I have done quite a few now and finally have them figured out...
  5. Just wondering

    C6 Z06 - Tuning & Electronics
    That recommendation was probably made because E10 will lean the car out a bit. Stoichiometric AFR for E0 is about 14.7:1 and stoichiometric AFR for E10 is around 14.1. Therefore your ratio is 14.1/14.7 so you would lean the mixture out across the board by about 4%. Be careful though because...
  6. Newbie to tuning looking for advice. Starting.

    C6 Z06 - Tuning & Electronics
    Once you take a stab at it feel free to shoot it over and I will take a peek for you. I have been tuning professionally for over 10 years. -John Roastin Performance LLC Melbourne, FL [email protected]
  7. spark plug recommendations !!

    C6 Z06 - Tuning & Electronics
    Stick with the TR55, gap them down just a hair and bump your spark dwell tables in the tune (15-20%). Works beautiful :)
  8. Street Tune

    C6 Z06 - Tuning & Electronics
    I am a very experienced calibrator (tuner) located in Melbourne, FL. I design engines and fuel systems for a living (Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering). I street tune to perfection but also bring customer cars to various dyno shops in the area if needed (typically when the car makes...
1-8 of 8 Results