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  1. Member Want-To-Buy- Parts & Cars
    2007 CHEVROLET CORVETTE Z06 +/- 12,000 MILES VIN = 1GlVV26EX75100087 This car is my pride and joy and I really have mixed feelings about selling it. When bought this car back in 2012, it only had +/- 1200 mile on it. It was 6 years old and virtually brand new. I drove it back to Dallas from...
    $52,000 USD
  2. Midwest
    Another one for you all! This one shows inside footage of the pace car setup + PDR footage from the 163MPH lap!
  3. Introduce yourself
    My name is Dave. I’ve owned a yellow ‘02 Z for a bit over 2 years. It had only 17k miles on it so I have been doing maintenance items such as fluids and minor aesthetic things. Now, I’m retired and I’m going all in on a A & A supercharger and supporting improvements such as LT No Cat headers...
  4. Introduce yourself
    Hello everyone, I’m new to the group and happy to have finally joined. I’ve been looking to purchase a C5Z and was going to pull the trigger, yet I saw a C6 recently which made me rethink of which to get. I love how both look but I plan to do a H/C/I for now so I’d like to get the one that gives...
  5. Member Sales/Trades - Parts & Cars
    2006 Z06 Procharged F1X 1,000+rwhp $45,000 FIRM!! No joyrides, no holds, first one to bring me cash gets it. Needing to free up some cash and would like to have it gone this week. Lots of time and money was invested in building this car, over $100k spent. Car makes over 1,000 to the tires on 91...
1-5 of 5 Results