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I was asked by several members of the Corvette Forum to post the information I have on 01 Z06 wheel alignment on this site. It comes straight from GM Serivice Readiness. Why is it not available to dealers or alignment shops? Well, GM forgot to put it in the 01 manual.

Front Individual Toe +.04 degree +/-.10 degree

Front Sum Toe .08 degree +/-.20 degree

Front Individual Caster +6.9 degree +/-.50 degree

Front Cross Caster within +/-.25 degree

Front Individual Camber -.70 degree +/-.50

Front Cross Camber within +/-.25 degree

Rear Individual Toe -.01 degree +/-.10 degree

Rear Sum Toe -.02 degree +/-.20 degree

Rear Individual Camber -.68 degree +/-.50 degree

Rear Cross Camber within +/-.50 degree
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