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Let's face it regardless if you have the consumption problem or not we all know that we 1st year Z owners are getting screwed over this serious issue. The word is out big time!!! I am seeking legal advice within the next couple of days with lawyers that specialize in automotive law. I believe there is such a firm in Palm Beach. Although I have enjoyed the Z experience I want out now!! I will take my chances with a 2002. My car is FOR SALE!! In the event I have a problem selling at a reasonable number, I will pursue a legal remedy!! BEST SCENARIO FOR ME IS BUY BACK OR SELL PERIOD!! GOOD LUCK GUYS ..............LES/FUBU69

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Let us know what the lawyers say if you talk to them.
Why all the worries? I don't think the actual number or percentage of Z06s or other '01 C5s that burn excessive oil is all that great. It may have been a small # of engines assembled wrong. Given time, the real answers will be available. JMHO of course.
Whoa, take it easy Les. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
First, how long have you had your car, and how much oil have you had to add? How many miles do you have on the clock?
Most lawyers will want to know if you have been injured first. It is hard to prove diminished value unless there is a lot of documentation.
I would wait to see how this plays out, over time. You have a 3 year warranty, and unless there are other factors involved, a trade up will cost you more than it's worth IMHO.
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Dennis, built in mid Nov ,3000 current miles,1 oil change ,2 quarts, babied for 1st 2000 miles [used 1 of the 2 quarts in the last 1000 miles].I owned both a '00 & '01 coupe & never added oil. Even though I have a new '02 E blue on order and a VERBAL trade agreement with dealer I remain concerned that the dealer may get nervous about the trade amount. This oil problem in this HUGE So Florida Vette market is public BIG TIME!!! I have instructed my biz lawyer to notify GM asap. I NOW GOING TO KEEP A DETAILED LOG OF OIL CONSUMPTION IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE DEALER.I WILL NOT GET FUXXED. I HAVE BEAT MUCH LOWER ODDS IN MY LIFE!!! LES/FUBU69

I am going to worry about only one thing until I get an ACTUAL oil consumption problem. We will all (some day)have to come up with a creative way to address the stigma issue associated with this problem. How will we get our non-oil burning vehicles fairly looked at when and if we trade them. We won't until we figure out the REAL reason the problem is occurring. This is why I was chasing a simple build date resolution on another post.

Now, in my experience, when we start yelling lawyer we can count on one thing. GM has lots of them and they will clam up on any "truthful" statements about what is known and unknown about the problem under advice of counsel. None of us, no not a one, wants to have to worry about checking oil levels on a $50K vehicle but the facts are we would be crazy not to do this. We do need to check it regularly and if we get any unusual burn we need to document it. Here is my 2 cents..... Let's all keep a watchful posture, support the suffering, and let this run its course (just me here but without over-reacting when no oil is being burned). When we get to the bottom of the problem we will know how a cylinder compression test or other mechanism will satisfy a prospective FUTURE buyer.

I am NOT consuming ANY oil AND I am enjoying all aspects of my individual Z06 experience thus far. I support any member here in resolving hsi or her problem and am ready to work until we are all satisfied and back in the groove......
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GM states that a quart every 1500 miles, is "normal" consumption. They are on record with that (it says this in the 01 service manual).
I personally think that is too high, but in any case Les, you would need to document a consumption of more than one quart per 1500 miles, which you may have, or be able to do as time goes by. If so, then you will have something to go on. I know there are cars out there using more than this, and I would be pi$$ed if my car used a quart even every 1500 miles. I hope your oil usage goes down and this problem is resolved to everyone's benefit.
I am down about 1/3 qt in the last 1300 miles. I don't mind putting in the oil provided there is no long term problems to the engine, converters, etc. associated with burning this much oil. That's what we need to find out. Is there any info. on this?
If it can be proven to be a long term negative, then we have the ammo to go after GM.
So, the real question for those not using one qt every 400 miles which is excessive according to GM and available for repair(new rings), is the one qt per 1500 miles going to cause long term damage?

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