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I just got my 2002 electron blue Z06 home and wanted to provide a comparison for you folks hungry for information about how the 02 compares to the 01. I have about 850 miles on the new one and ran it pretty hard a few times after the first 500 miles.

My 01 Z06 had TPIS long tube headers and a Vortex Rammer and Power Duct; it was dynoed
twice: 337 RWHP on a SuperFlow Dyno and 345 a week later on the Breathless dyno at the
Cruise-In. It ran a 12.59/114.22 on a slippery track (Beech Bend).

Appearance-wise the only difference (other than the color) is the badging on the fenders, the edges on the wheels are more rounded and the HUD on the dash. The shifter is tighter and more precise than the 01 - still has long throws but there’s a noticeable improvement. The ride is
significantly different, not near as harsh as the 01. I ran it fairly hard on some curvy back roads and was really pleased with the improvements. The 01's rear end tends to get unstable around 80% or so when the road surface is a little rough. I used to get these rapid little rear wheel hops, fairly easy to catch with the throttle but it made me worry that I was on the verge of losing it. All that is gone on the 02. It just squats and sticks - no bouncing at all. I tried a couple of full throttle starts and got no wheel hop either.

The exhaust sound definitely louder in a pleasant way. It’s about the same as my 01 (headers and no pre-cats).

The power is there. Total Engine Airflow in Bowling Green installed a HallTech Tric before I headed home. I have no reference before the Tric , but according to Jim Hall it should be worth 15 or more RWHP. With the Tric the car is noticeably stronger than the 01 was. I ran it hard enough, long enough to get a pretty good feel for it. No difference down low, street light to
street light you’d swear you were in a 01 except for the added exhaust noise. Between 3500 and 4000 RPM however the difference begins to be heard and felt. The engine
just roars above 4000 at WOT in the lower gears and pulls very hard.

The Museum Delivery was great, thanks Adam!

Tony’s Corvette Shop will install a B&M Ripper and a Brey~Krause harness bar with a Simpson 6 point tomorrow. The TPIS long tube headers are on back order. I’ll have the car at Carlisle Friday & Saturday. Total Engine Airflow is going to do a set of heads for me this winter. We're confident that 400 RWHP is obtainable with head work (stock valves and springs) the Tric and
headers. Initially, we’re not going to touch the cam. The beauty of this setup is that it should not affect the warranty.

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Glad you had a great delivery, CAT /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif

You were the topic of conversation yesterday /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif

Enjoy the ride

Les, are you sure you're gonna fit in a large t-shirt ?? /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif LOL!

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