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02' Wait List - How and $$

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So what's it take to get on the wait list?
I heard a $1000 deposit?
Alos is the MSRP the same and are dealers currently selling them at MSRP?
I'm in the southeast if that makes a difference in cost, not in wack cali!
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On 2001-06-29 15:57, bluefox spewed forth this drivel:
I am sick of all you guys whinning about the dealer makes to much money or they are trying to rip us off.

"Buyer's are liars" hehe...

The retail side of car sales is tough.

The problem with car sales is it is adversarial. It's adversarial because it's a negotiated deal.

I won't go into a long speil here. Nobody really cares.

All involved should be aware that a Corvette is a "heart buy". All about emotion.

Vette buyers come in sold already and too many eager salesman try to "sell" the car. Keep this in mind, It's a two minute sale and a three hour delivery.

I haven't stood on the "point" in years, however;... I can tell both sides of a negotiated car deal that the customer wants to buy and the seller wants to sell.

When either side tries to make it harder than it should be is when the trouble starts.
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1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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