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I am sick of all you guys whinning about the dealer makes to much money or they are trying to rip us off. why don't you complain about the 300% or more mark up on furnuture or jewlery. I dont know where you guys buy your cars but its funny you think there going to steal your deposit. give me a break. i am a car salesman and proud of it. you have the choice to pay the price or go some place else, is that so hard. we sell are vettes at msrp but if another dealer sells them for more and someone will pay it then so be it. Its called supply and demand. I was just wondering in these contracts all you are getting do you put in there that if you find a better deal you will back out. In my 2 years of selling cars i have come across more lying buyers then sales people there is even a joke "buyers are liers" when I first started there I didn't know what it meant i sure do know. so before you start slamming on dealerships and salesman you better look in the mirror. I hear some of you say i placed my order but if i get a better deal i will cancel it and buy that one. well what if you placed your order and we could sell it for more to someone else do we. no we honor it. sometimes you guys make me sick. Another thing while i am at it when i come up to you on the lot more then half of you are rude, if i go up and ask you for help you are mad if no one ask you for help you are mad and run to the manager and tell them you been there for an hour and no one is helping me,you guys make me sick. tom
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