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02' Wait List - How and $$

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So what's it take to get on the wait list?
I heard a $1000 deposit?
Alos is the MSRP the same and are dealers currently selling them at MSRP?
I'm in the southeast if that makes a difference in cost, not in wack cali!
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I've got $1000 down at my local dealer on a Yellow 2002 Z06. I am still waiting for my official order number though. I called several out of state dealers prior to placing the order and just couldn't do better than MSRP on an '02. On an '01, I was able to get 4K off sticker from two dealers. My guess is, if you wait until this winter or next spring, you'll be able to get around 4K off the '02.

FYI here is the MSRP pricing on the 2002 Corvette, about $1500 more for the Z06:


Price Schedule:

Description MSRP

1YY07 Corvette Coupe 40805.00
1YY37 Corvette Z06 49505.00
1YY67 Corvette Convertible 47330.00

1SA Preferred Equipment Pkg
1YY07 0.00
1YY37 0.00
1YY67 0.00

1SB Preferred Equipment Pkg
1YY07 1700.00
1YY67 1800.00

1SC Preferred Equipment Pkg
1YY07 2700.00
1YY67 2600.00

R8C Museum Delivery 490.00
G92 Performance Axle Ratio 300.00
F45 Selective Handling Pkg 1695.00
LS1 5.7 SFI V8 - 350 HP
1YY07/1YY67 0.00
LS6 5.7 SFI V8 - 405 HP
1YY37 0.00
V49 License Plate Frame 15.00
DD0 Electrochromic Mirrors
1YY37/Reqs AAB 120.00
B84 Body Side Moldings 75.00
AAB Memory Pkg
1YY37/Reqs DD0 150.00
Z51 Performance Hdlg Pkg 350.00
79U Millennium Yellow 600.00
86U Magnetic Red Metallic 600.00
U1S 12 Disc CD Changer 600.00
UL0 AM/FM Cassette
1YY07/1YY67 Reqs U1S (100.00)
C2L Dual Roof Panels 1200.00
CC3 Transparent Roof Panel 750.00
MN6 6 Speed Manual Trans
1YY07/1YY67 815.00
MX0 Automatic Trans
1YY07/1YY67 0.00
QF5 Polished Aluminum Wheels 1200.00

Destination Charges 645.00

85 Coupe/Red
2002 Z06/MY/Black/All but BSM on order
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