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02' Wait List - How and $$

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So what's it take to get on the wait list?
I heard a $1000 deposit?
Alos is the MSRP the same and are dealers currently selling them at MSRP?
I'm in the southeast if that makes a difference in cost, not in wack cali!
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I'm from CA and the prices here are outrageous! I put in a deposit for a 2002 which states if the dealer does not get an allocation or cannot deliver a Z06 with my preferences, the deal is off. The offer is also at MSRP. I received a lot of gripe on the forum about paying MSRP (they thought I was a dealer!) but I've already got the money earmarked and I'm ready to own one of these bad boys. I just need to dump my 71 Chevelle SS!
1 - 1 of 22 Posts
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