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I have some new (we just put on the motor for tuning, when it siezed(rear main)) Comp Cams Pro-Magnum 1.85 with studs, seats, harden pushrods. We had to pull the whole motor apart and are going to cut a much bigger (John Holmes) CAMMMMMM. So not needed anymore.

$515 for the kit
$140 for the hardened pushrods
$104 for the 1/2" valve cover spacers

I will take $700 shipped(650).

My guess this will get about 20 h.p./20 torque to tires. Tune will be necessary. Should give you an additional ten h.p.. You should be able to raise your rev limiter a couple hundred as well.

I also have some

#30 Delco's ($180)
& an
LS6 Manifold ($300)
for sale unless it already got sold by my tuner.
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