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1 Week Sale on the Exclusive Halltech Titanium TRIC w/ RED Kevlar MAG

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Starting today, for one week only, we are blowing our our Titanium TRIC (numbered 1-100) with the Halltech Red Kevlar/Black CF MAGs. The red kevlar is $60.00 more in material cost alone to Halltech, but we are selling the entire package for the same price as our Titanium TRIC/Black CF package.

We include the new Throttle Body Bypass and Vacuum Lines with the package, and will also include the water proof pre-filter ($25.00 option) free to the forum members this week.

Follow this link to see our product:

When you get to last SSL order form, insert your User Name on this forum for the free RED Kevlar upgrade and pre-filter.

Call toll free with any questions:


Jim Hall
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