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I recently purchased a 2009 Z06 and of course, I love it but sadly just discovered that no one makes an All-Season 325/30R19 tire for the 19 x 12 rear wheel. The front 18 x 9.5 is no issue and it appears that the largest All-Season tire which would work on a Z06 is 285/35R19, on either a 19 x10 or 19 x 11 rim.

My Z06 is my daily driver, so winter storage/beater for the seldom winter weather isn't an option and being raised in the snow up North has given me significant experience in ice and snow. Corvettes aren't optimal for these few snow days but I would rather be prepared.

Corvette Mods has some decent looking sets but the next smallest rear as part of a set is 19 x 10; I've seen a few 19 x 11 rims but again, the front wheels were a different size and I'd prefer to stick with the 18 x 9.5s that come stock on the Z06.

Is anyone out there running a similar setup of 19 x 10s on their rear during the winter to accommodate All-Season tires? Withstanding the slightly diminished aesthetic appeal, I can't see any other issues. The wheels are made to OE tolerances and specs, so fit shouldn't be an issue and they also say that they accommodate the TPS.

Thank you in advance for any helpful suggestions! Pictures of Z06s running 19 x 10s, especially from behind and from the rear quarter panel would be helpful to see the visual effect of the change for the winter months please!
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