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Sure, I know most of you are not interested, but maybe you know someone...

1991 Pontiac Trans-Am GTA, 350 cid/240 HP, TPI, automatic, A/C, 80K mi. Single owner, purchased new 9/91. Factory original equipment except AM/FM/cassette radio (replaced w/cheap model). All power including: mirrors, seats, windows, antenna, steering, brakes and locks, all working. Dark green with gold spoke wheels. Good condition, not driven winters, no rust, electronic rust proof. Needs paint work. New brakes & exhaust (2 years ago), heater core & alternator (last year). $6000/BO. See photos posted at:

VIN: 1G2FW238XMLxxxxxx (contact me for the remainder).

GM build codes: AAA, AJ3, AQ9, AU3, A31, A90, BC3, B2L, B84, C49, C60, DC4, DG7, D42, D5X, D8F, D81, E5Z, E9Z, FE2, GU5, G80, ILC, JG1, J65, KC4, K34, K68, L98, MD8, KC4, K34, K68, L98, MD8, MX0, NA5, NP5, N10, N64, PW7, QLC, R6P, T93, T96, U83, UQ1, UX1, U62, U75, UAN, VK3, V73, WDV, WS4, WS6, Y84, 1SA, 45Q, 45U, 52P, 6ZX, 66C, 66I, 669, 7ZX, 8NL and 9NL.

Original radio included (so you can have it repaired if you want).

Scott Grodevant
Rochester, New York area
Email: [email protected]
(716) 359-7260 days (ask for Scott)

Best Regards,
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Frank - Great idea on the cars and parts for sale. But - I won't be selling any cars again soon! /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_frown.gif
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