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1fastdog makes a salient point -

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A ring job doesn't make an engine bad. Certainly it can be a 'good' ring job.

I feel, however, when that ring job is needed the day the car is delivered the car should be bought back. That ring job gives that car a financial loss to it's owner. It's now a NEW car with RE-RINGED engine.

When a ring problem is so apparent immediately it falls away from a warranty repair of a "mileage" car. This is not a warranty situation. This is a "not fit for it's intended use" situation. CMD, there is an IMPLIED warranty and you are ignoring it. I refuse to.

I say again..I bought a NEW car and I want a NEWcar.

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Good luck. It does sound like a normal warr. issue to me. Your express warr. likely excludes the implied warr. of fitness for a particular purpose as well as merchantability, etc. My Z06 needed a new tranny at 500 miles due to a bad synchro. It was done in 3 days and has worked great since. Rings are not likely to be seen as that significant. I do understand your frustration, however.
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