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Well I went an ordered a few t-shirts for my girlfriend and myself. I got them from West Coast Corvettes. I got 2 white "Born in the USA" shirts and one black one. Badass looking shirts. C5 emblem and the American flag. Here is a link to these:

I also got two of their Fossil colored shirts with the C5 emblems on it. Small emblem on the left chest and the C5 emblem big across the back. She doesn't like the color and XXL is too small for me. So I have one M and one XXL that I'd like to sell. They came in sealed plastic bags and since I took them out I doubt I can send them back. I payed $15.95 plus tax and shipping, so I would ship these both to you for $30.00 even. Any takers? Here is a link so you can see them:

I'd like to get one of the Cutter & Buck polo's and I heard they run big. Do they really? These XXL's seem a bit tight (although they are preshrunk). I buy the plain Nike t-shirts at Macy's for $18.00 in XXL and they fit great. I wish all shirts were sized the same...
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