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It depends on what the dealer is going to give you for the FRC.
For about $8000.00 you can make your car into a road rocket.
My Blue FRC has over 400 rwhp and 385 lbs torque but of course no more warranty.
It also depends on how you drive, are you going to use the extra power?
I drive my cars a little harder than some I suppose, most of my shifts out of 1st and 2nd are in the 4500 to 5000 rpm range and I do a lot of down shifting for passing and braking. I never see 5th gear unless I am on the interstate above 70 mph.
There is another thing to think about,out of 6221 FRCs built in 99 & 00 only 391 of them are Nassua Blue and only 189 of them are 2000s. To me this is a great color, reminds me of the SS 396s and the GTOs.
Give me a Z06 in Nassua Blue with Mod/Oak Interior and I would die a happy man.
Bottom line out of the box it is the Z06 /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif
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