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2000 Hardtop (FRC) For Sale Must Sell

2000 Torch Red FRC Delco/Mongoose 400 S/S 11,000 miles $34,500.00.
Factory Options:
Bose, CD Player, Dual Zone Air, Lamp Group,
Power Driver Seat, and Fog Lamps.
Performance Upgrades:
Ram Air, TB by-pass, MSD Wires & Bosch Plugs, 178 Thermostat, Corsa Touring Pro Tip Exhaust, Corvette Concepts Speed Shifter and Computer Programming.
Rev limiter is set at 6300 rpms and the fans are set to come on at 195 degrees.
Appearance Upgrades:
Chrome OEM wheels, Painted Calipers, Silver Painted Corvette Lettering and Rear Tag Frame, Decals on the door sills, steering wheel and air box, Exhaust Plate, and Red Painted Corvette Lettering on Passenger Air Bag Cover.

Pictures can be seen at the link below.

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any pics online? any dyno runs with this car or 1/4 times?
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