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Alan -

Your car looks great. Your warranty will help sell the car, but everyone that is in the market for a 2001 will question your mileage. It will be difficult to find a buyer at your asking price with 17,800 miles. In the auto resale market, selling price is determined by mileage (#1), the competition (#2), condition (#3), and extras (#4).

Recently, I flew to CA from FL to buy a 2001 Z06 with 8,400 miles. It was in perfect condition, with $11,500 in performance upgrades and extras. I paid $41,500. I am not a dealer, just another guy looking for a deal on a Z06.

If a Dealer offers you $33,000 for the car (and I don't know what you have been offered or why you are selling), you can probably get $35-37K for the car on your own. If you mention your reason for selling you can help separate it from all the other similar cars that are for sale.

To check out current competition, go to e-bay, "search" for "Z06", and rearrange the listings
from "Highest Priced to Lowest Priced".

The best of luck to you, and if you find the right person you may get your asking price. That person will most likely not be active in the internet.
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