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Saw an ad in today's paper that Rinke Chevrolet is selling new Vets at GMS price to eligible employees and relatives of same.
GMS price does not apply to Z06 models, nor mag red or yellow cars. GMS price is set by GM and dealers do not have to sell at that greatly reduced price. This is a great deal for those eligible who are looking for a new C5. BTW, I get nothing for this, just trying to help fellow enthusiasts save thousands off MSRP.

Rinke is open 8-9pm EST on Mondays & Thursdays, and from 8-6pm on Tuesday, Wed, and Friday. 1-810-754-0440. They are located in Centerline, Michigan and usually have 30-40 new Vets in stock. The GMS price applies to cars in stock, not new orders.
Hope this helps.

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