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2001 Z06 FOR SALE

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Blk./mod red interior, only 500 miles, has $2k in extras(chrome Z06 wheels, twin k&n filters,tinted windows), all options except BSM. Luxury tax paid. $46k O.B.O.Must sell.(904)288-9919
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O.K. how does $45,000 sound? Save thousands from new($4k off sticker,$2k in better looking extras,& no luxury tax). It's only got 500 miles.
If you must know, it sounds high. New cars (Z06's) are $5,000 off plus your car is used, albiet low mileage say $3,000 off. Since your extras are not in the blue book, they have no value for lending purposes. I would say your car is worth $40,000 to $41,000 retail. Unless you are in a tight market area, you will be lucky to get $41M.

I know this won't make you happy, but it is an honest appraisal.

A former dealer
Wow I guess that makes your previously wrecked, plain wheels Z06 about what? $32k!

If anyone is interested my Z06 has almost 800 miles and the price is $44,900. Thx.
Hey guys a dealer up here is selling used Z06 all day long for 46k-45k. I know their are a couple of dealers offering huge discounts but I think it is the end of year inventory they want to get rid of, for the 2002. After the 2002s come out hopefully the market will come back in all areas. Just proves how much the dealers are really making. Hell I still see coupes for 41-42k. Just stick it in the local paper and someone will get it. I would really like to know what happen to the market. I would have thought the fastest corvette ever would hold some value.
ABADZ06 , you WILL get what you want. Some guys consider the mods as a bonus. I'll pass the word around for you. GODD LUCK! FUBU69/LES
Thanks guys. I think it's a good price. In Florida I've seen them for the same price as mine and they have at least 5k miles and stock.
Don't worry, that is a VERY fair price. Good Luck!!
Street racer... what wheels are on your car? they look great!

As for the used "pricing" above, I am sure if someone wants it, $45 will work. Supply & demand...I paid $44.5 brand new from KERBECK. ALAS tho no "extras" tho. It all balances out.
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