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2001 Z06

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If anyone is still looking for a new 2001 Z06, Ed Morse Chevrolet in North Palm Beach (Florida) has a black, with the black/red interior sitting on their showroom floor. I was at the dealership yesterday getting the oil changed on my Z06 and I promised my contact I would publish this info.
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The dealers up here have plenty sitting around, they are not dealing but will be forced to soon. /phpBB/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif
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Potamkin Chevrolet in Miami Lakes has a Torch Red with Modified Torch Red interior. It is sellig for sticker price, about $49k. The salesman is hassling me into buying it but I'm not budging, I'm getting the 2002 ZO6 with 405hp.
Kerbeck in Atlantic City, NJ has about 20 Z06's coming in and they are discounting them. Go to
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