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2002 Base Price Pool

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Since there's so many opinions out there, lets start a pool, and everybody who posts, will owe 1 beer to the winner, to be collected at the first Z06 drive-in someday.

Base price, no options included, destination charge not included.

No guesses within $100 of somebody else already guesing, so it pays to enter early.

I open at $51,995

I think GM wants to raise the price to have the premium Corvette, and will keep raising it next year, so by 2004 they can have a "super-premium" C6 in the 65k range. JMO. Besides, the higher they make the C6, the higher the new Cadillac sports car can sell for.

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Tom Feuerherm
2001 Z06 Quicksilver/Red
TTS Headers,Bassani X Pipe,Corsa Indys,B&M Ripper, Ram Air, MTI UD Pulley, Computer Programming
354.0 rwhp 348.0 rwtq(SAE)
2000 FRC Mongoose 400
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